Although it is very easy to set up a website online in order to market your product or service, the difficult part is keeping track of all aspects of the transaction. If you are not currently using an ixglobal, you are wasting both time and money.

By choosing an all-in-one e-commerce business platform, product delivery, shopping carts, affiliate payments, secure sites for delivery, membership sites, etc., all items which typically get managed by logging into different accounts and dealing with different support functions will be handled through one central application. This saves you the time of logging into different applications in order to run your internet business. And of course, multiple applications also mean multiple payments. By using just one application you will save both time and money.

When looking for an all-in-one e-commerce business -platforms, look for one that at the minimum, allows you to:
· Sell unlimited products, services, and/or memberships on-line;
· Sell products that are located on the same server or on any other server;
· Sell services;
· Accept flat payments and/or sell subscriptions through a variety of payment processors;
· Have the ability to accept off-line payments such as e-checks, checks, or money orders;
· Run unlimited affiliate programs
· Run multi-tier affiliate programs;
· Allow different commission structures;
· Allow 100% commissions instantly paid to the affiliate;
· Keeps track of sales, customers, and affiliates.

The e-commerce business platform you choose should make running your Internet business easier without costing an arm and a leg to do so.

GMS Hosted offers all of the above features plus many more at an affordable monthly price. You can search the Internet and will find the same or similar solutions offered for $97 to $497 per month. At only $39 per month, GMS is by far the best and most affordable solution for your business.

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